Thursday, December 31, 2009


LIFEgame rocks !!!!!
All you people out there should really go for it !
You will learn the real meaning of life and experience what life is all about !!!
I was so blessed through that camp .
I learned that life is not all about the money, marriage, family and career.
Datuk Dr. Benedict, but all the titles were meaningless to me.... until I found Jesus

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off to Singapore !!!!

I'm off to KL, Malacca and Singapore .....

So, bye for now !

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alive !!!!

My blog's alive once again !

After so long of studying and striving ( well, I still went on facebook )
SPM is now of the past....
It was an experience
Thank God that I never fell sick, not even once !
even though there were some nites that I slept really late....

I was quite last minute, and I really mean last minute
like the day before physics, I was so relaxed until the evening
when I started cramming in like crazy !

Thank God for giving me peace throughout the exams.....
Through every paper, He helped me finish it just in time !

Praise the LORD !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Scott !!!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Scott !!!!

really don't know where to start, but anyway.......

Thanks Skottie, for all the random pictures we took together

you know, when two people with crazy expressions meet...

It's bound to be explosive !!!!

Like the one above...

Scott, getting irritated

In times like this, he will say


being debators, we always defer in perspectives !

but we still sit next to each other, yet "manage" to live in peace and harmony

we enjoy irritating each other to the maximum of our abilities, before one explodes...

Scott is an amazing dancer !

At Phantom of the Opera,

he danced so well,

he moves and slides, just like Michael jackson

And just does moves that look so impossible to do !

The cheeky SCOOT... yes SCOOT !!!

Look at his facial expression, Cheeky man !

this was taken at CF social service

he always brings so much joy to CF

always willing to do crazy stuff to lift up the spirits of everyone...

At state level Debates

We won !!!! yeah !!!

Scott is a very good debator too

His english is simply amazing !

He loves hats !!!

KL debates
at HELP University ....

Poser !

Statue of liberty
oops, Statue of P______ty

Perak Rest House...

Scott, you'll so murder me with this photo....

Cool man !

at a friend's birthday party !

Ed Board room...

This really does look weird !

Thanks so much Scott for everything !!!!
You have been a wonderful friend all these years
may God continue to bless you in all that you do
Happy Birthday !

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunglass Gallery

Friday, September 18, 2009

LORD God Almighty

LORD God Almighty (D) - originally in B
Intro : G A D G A

G A Bm
Into Your courts I come
And bow at Your Throne
G A Bm
To offer You my praise
For all that You’ve done
G A Bm
By grace I enter in
In freedom I stand
G A Bm
And I have been redeemed
By the blood of the Lamb

G D/F# Em Bm A/C# D
All I am longs to know You more
G D/F# Em A
And everything within me

G A D Bm7
Cries to you LORD God Almighty
Living to lift Your name on high
G A D Bm7
We worship You LORD God Almighty
Heaven and earth bows to Your name

Here is my life, Here is my heart
I give to You
Here is my love, Here is my all
I give to You

The 5 Love Languages

Is your love tank Filled ????
Last last Saturday, Wilson preach and taught about the 5 Love Languages ( by Josh Harnett )
Thanks to sarah Choong, we had all these nice illustrations....
so, the 5 are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and gifts.

if you enjoy shaking hands with people, or hugging others in times of crisis or other physical ways ( appropriate ways ) , then your love language is Physical Touch
If you feel hurt when someone else feels weird when you hug them, etc, this confirms that your love language is what's above, if not ....

then it could be Words of Affirmation.
you just love encouraging people with your words
Affirming one another with your words, bible verses, etc.
Adding to that, these words cheer you up and make your day.
then your love language gotta be Words of affirmation.

It also could be acts of service, which is mine too.
You just enjoy serving one another in love... love to you is being practical !
Like Jesus, when he washed the disciples feet.
But be careful, if someone says, "You will do this for me if you love me" ; That's not love, that's manipulation.

then comes gifts.
you just love buying gifts or just getting gifts , whatever the price for people.
It is your expression of love'
Though some may be of no value, you just treasure the gifts that others give to you and treat it as priceless posessions.
Well, there is teh Gift of self and The Gift of presence, which is more realted to the final love language

last, but not the least, Quality Time
You just enjoy giving people your time
By spending quality time with a person, your saying "I Love You"
It's undivided attention, not in front of the TV or at the cinemas
Togetherness makes you feel loved,
then your love language is Quality Time
Well, everyone has their own love language ...
What Is yours ?????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Farid !!!!!!

I know it's kinda late
yeah, yeah! wo ! Wo !
Happy Birthday Farid !!!!
beautiful numbers....
16 going on 17

we've been classmates for 9 years

9 years ... since Std.2 in hamilton till Form 4 in PFS

sad that this year we could not be in the same class

but being in the same class for 9 years with me shows that you really have a lot of patience and tolerance... hehehhehehe

It's like everytime I sing,

you will tolerate my voice although it reaches to the highest pitch or frequency..

It's just so fun hanging out with you cause you really know how to have fun and joke like crazy !!!!

Like the Shakira... Hips don't lie

Farid, the poser !!!


But I just wanna say,

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend all these years,

I treasure and cherich the moments we had

May you be blessed with many blessings in life

in SPM too, all the best

but lastly,

Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Spotlight !

Can you see the reflection in the water?
Looks like the sun is a spotlight,
That shines on the sea...
Beautiful right ?
Taken at Damai Laut, Perak
From the Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa
Leaders Retreat 2009
tinted glass view
( The Gymnasium )

I really don't know what this signifies,

Could be God shining His love on us,

Well, you interprete it yourself

All in all,

What beautiful creation !

Our God is an Amazing God

Awesome God !